The competition will take place from Nov 8 to Nov 12.

Please send us the following important information on your earliest convenience but no later than the following deadlines:

Information  Send to  Deadline
Problem proposals  E-mail  October 10th
Participant information  Registration form  October 24th
Travel details  Registration form  October 31st

Problems must be clearly and unambiguously formulated and provided together with at least one solution. We will not have time to solve all proposed problems ourselves. We prefer to get your proposals in English. Each participating country is expected to propose 1–2 problems in each of the following standard categories: algebra, combinatorics, geometry, number theory. The problems should be of different difficulty, not exceeding that of the medium problems of the IMO (but being easier than the easy problems of the IMO is okay). Proposed problems must be original, i.e., never occurred in any competitions and not available in any mathematical books or other sources. In particular, problems proposed to earlier BW competitions are not acceptable.

Information about participants must include name and gender of all contestants and leaders (and observers if any). Please include all specific requirements that the organizers should know (e.g., dietary restrictions) if anyone in your team has any. It is important for booking a min-cost set of hotel rooms that we know the names and genders two weeks before the event at latest. If you do not know all details by the deadline, we kindly ask to provide us the partial information that you have by that moment.

The travel details should include the expected time and place of your arrival to Tartu (Tartu airport, coach station or train station) and the time and place of your departure from Tartu. We do not need to know the time of your arrival to or departure from Tallinn airport since nobody will meet you there. Just bear in mind that Tallinn airport is not that small as yet ten years ago; it is recommended that passengers come to check-in at least two hours before departure if it takes place during busy hours (in practice however, arriving just 1 hour before departure is usually enough).